The Institute offers knowledge on the development of models (mathematical description of phenomena and processes occurring in real world) and computational methods (especially Finite Element and Finite Difference) for numerical analysis. Our personnel has extensive experience in development of new and the integration of existing computer codes which may be used to perform practical simulation of complex processes.

We specialize in the domain of structural mechanics and mechanics of materials, but the scope of our interests reaches beyond the domain of mechanics and typical applications. In particular, the following activities may be undertaken by our staff:

- efficient analysis of linear and nonlinear boundary value problems and initial boundary value problems with the application of modern computational methods (including the error estimation of numerical results)

- elaboration and scientific analysis of experimental results including theoretical assumptions (laws of physics) related to the measured quantities, including theoretical-numerical estimation of residual stresses in metallic structures subject to cyclic loadings

- numerical determination of displacement and stress distributions in materials exhibiting an internal microstructure.

Both discrete methods, a universal tool of model analysis as well as nonstandard ones, such as neural networks or genetic algorithms are used to accomplish the assigned projects. The Institute staff is skilled in a number of fields and is ready to share their knowledge and experience with others as part of training in several widely used fields, such as:

- selected problems of mechanics, theoretical basis and discretization methods applied (especially Finite Element Method)

- computer aided drafting and design (CAD)

- application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in construction industry

- computer programming, computer networks, work in the Linux operating system environment.

The extensive international contacts of our staff allow, if necessary, the involvement of specialists from all over the world.