In January 1945 Prof. Izydor Stella-Sawicki initiated the idea of creating Cracow University of Technology. The first lectures started in a newly opened university called Silesian University of Technology (Politechnika Śląska) - Temporary seat in Cracow, in April 1945. In October of the same year, after movement of a part of the research and teaching staff to the newly founded Silesian University of Technology (Politechnika Śląska) in Gliwice, three faculties remained in Cracow in accordance with a formal agreement with the Ministry of Education: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Faculty of Transportation. These were incorporated into the Mining Academy (at present AGH University of Science and Technology). The efforts to create an autonomous university, Cracow University of Technology, were successful in creating polytechnic faculties (Architecture, Engineering and Transportation) at AGH University of Science and Technology (according to the decree, signed on October 19, 1946, with retroactive legal validity to April 1, 1945). Prof. Izydor Stella-Sawicki was appointed to the position of vice-rector for the polytechnic faculties of the Mining Academy.

In the years 1946-48 a complex of buildings in Warszawska Street, formerly military barracks, was taken over from the military authorities and, after adaptation, became the campus for the three faculties.

Cracow University of Technology was created in 1954 by the law of the Council of Ministers. It consisted of four faculties: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The university was given the name of Tadeusz Kościuszko, who became its patron.

October 5, 1945 is now regarded as the starting date of operation of the Civil Engineering Faculty. The Engineering Faculty, which formally was established on September 6, 1946 as one of the few polytechnic faculties included in AGH University of Science and Technology, consisted of three departments: Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Geodesy. Thereafter, Cracow University of Technology was created by the law of the Council of Ministers on July 7, 1954. It included (among other faculties) the Civil Engineering Faculty. Later, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and the Department of Geodesy were separated from the Faculty and based on this, the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering was created. At that time, 840 students were enrolled at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1970, as a result of structural changes in the University, our Faculty was also fundamentally reorganized. Instead of Chairs, which were disbanded, Institutes were created on the basis of the work teams.

In 2020 organizational structure has change again. At the present day at Faculty of Civil Engineering exists:

Division of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures
Division of Building Materials Engineering
Division of Bridge, Metal and Timber Structures
Division of General Building Design and Building Physics
Division of Road, Railroad and Traffic Engineering
Division of Transportation Systems
Division of Management in Civil Engineering
Division of Structural Mechanics and Material Mechanics
Division of Geotechnics and Strength of Materials
Division of Information Technology in Engineering
Construction Certification Center
Building Materials and Structures Research Laboratory
Małopolska Energy Efficient Building Laboratory
Wind Engineering Laboratory

Building Deformation and Vibration Test Laboratory