Characteristics of the main subjects of scientific research:

Research works conducted at the Chair of Structural Mechanics and Materials concern with:

  • optimization of engineering structures, taking into account geometric nonlinearity with a sensitivity analysis,
  • optimal shaping (control) in systems with distributed or clustered parameters along with a sensitivity analysis,
  • nanomechanics with multi-scale modelling of carbon nanostructures in the FEM formalism,
  • mechanics of cellular materials,
  • dynamics of engineering structures with the analysis of the mechanical properties of modern engineering structures reinforced with nanomaterials,
  • environmental protection against transport and construction vibrations, including protection of historic buildings,
  • research on the impact of mining tremors on buildings and people staying in them, as well as dynamic interaction due to mining tremors, the effect of quakes parameters on this phenomenon,
  • models of interaction and interaction of the building with the ground,
  • numerical modelling in civil engineering,
  • vibro-isolation and searching for optimal geometry and material solutions for vibro-isolating partitions,
  • mechanics of anisotropic materials, propagation of elastic waves, composite materials and DIC (Digital Image Correlation) analysis,
  • dynamics of engineering structures with the analysis of the mechanical properties of modern engineering structures reinforced with nanomaterials,
  • research on flexible joints and their applications in structures,
  • determining the dynamic response of multi-support objects to a non-uniform input,
  • research of vibrations impact, including communication, on people in buildings, including the development of criteria for individual events in the VDV method or clarification of the applicability of the WODL
  • works on the technical condition of selected buildings water.



The most important scientific and research achievements in recent years:


  • Implementation of research projects, among others:


  1. PB 2448 / B / T02 / 2009/37; "Generalized optimization algorithms in structure design", Project leader: prof. Leszek Mikulski,
  2. PB 0714 / B / T02 / 2010/38; "Flexible polymer connector construction - model approach to innovative solutions for engineering practice"; Project leader: dr inż. Arkadiusz Kwiecień,
  3. Research project included in the Operational Program: Innovative Economy (POIG.01.01.02-10-106 / 09-00) "Innovative measures and effective methods of improving the safety and durability of buildings and transport infrastructure in the sustainable development strategy", topic 1.7 " Methods of assessing and ensuring the required comfort to people staying in buildings and exposed to the influence of vibrations "( Project leader: Prof. Janusz Kawecki)
  4. PB: POIR.04.01.02-00-0001 / 17; "Innovative hybrid construction of vibro-isolating partitions to protect the environment against transport vibrations and from similar sources"; Project leader: from 06.2020 prof. Tadeusz Tatara; until 05.2020 prof. Krzysztof Stypuła,
  5. PB: POIR.04.01.02-00-0016 / 17; "Innovative technology vibro-acoustic insulation of floors"; Project leader: dr hab. eng. Alicja Kowalska - Koczwara, prof. PK
  6. H2020 Innovation Action MEZEROE - Measuring Envelope products and systems contributing to next generation of healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings Project Number: 953157 – head on behalf of PK - dr hab. inż. Arkadiusz Kwiecień, prof. PK
  7. Grant NCN nr 2019/33/B/ST10/00518 Direct and long-term effects of projects revitalization of rivers in the Polish Carpathians - main contractor – prof. Artur Radecki – Pawlik
  8. Internship in grant "R&D works on system of early identification of unwanted trends in measurement technology in air transportation industry". The project was realized in within the frames of Marshal Office of the Pokarpackie Voivodship, action 1.2 "Industrial research, development actions and their implementations", R&D type RPO for 2014-2020. participation in the project by Dr Anna Stręk.
  9. POWR.03.01.00-00-T071 / 18; "Little Engineer Laboratory"

Project leader: dr hab. Eng. Filip Pachla, prof. PK


  • Standards and guidelines


  1. PN-B-02170:2016-12 Assessment of harmfulness of vibration transmitted by the ground on buildings, 
  2. PN-B-02171:2017-06 Ocena wpływu drgań na ludzi w budynkach Evaluation of vibrations influence on people in buildings
  3. Development of guidelines, rules for taking into account the impact of vibrations on buildings and people staying in them, and methods of reducing vibrations for PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.


  • Organization of scientific conferences


Organization of international and national scientific conferences and preparation of grant applications under the operational program POIR - incl. Underground Communication Problems in Krakow - 2015; Engineering problems of the renovation of old town historic complexes - Rew-Inż. - 2015; Scientific Conference: Building Mining Infrastructure - from 2015 on an annual basis; Symposium Seismic and Parasseismic Influences on Structures - from 1978 in a 3-year cycle.


  • Selected works for industry


  • System for monitoring the impact of vibrations on buildings and people staying in them within the zone of the dynamic effects of the II metro line in Warsaw,
  • Participation in the project of the Łódź Fabryczna underground station,
  • Participation in the implementation of the Investment Task for the construction of a railway tunnel between the Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska / Łódź Żabieniec stations along with the necessary underground infrastructure as well as stops and junction chambers,
  • Participation in the reconstruction of Mogilska street in Krakow and the vibro-isolation project,
  • Analyzes of the impact of vibrations and dynamic loads on buildings and people with the determination of the material parameters of the railway track and the technical characteristics of vibro-insulating mats on the sections of I and II metro lines.


  • Selected awards and distinctions


  • Award of the 4th Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences for a series of publications entitled Polymer Connectors Flexible for dr hab. Eng. Arkadiusz Kwiecień
  • Special honorary mention for many years of active cooperation with the editors of "Inżynieria i Budownictwa" for prof. Tadeusz Tatara
  • Distinction in the author's competition of articles that stand out in terms of their subject matter and practical usefulness, published in the journal "Inżynieria i Budownictwo" for prof. Tadeusz Tatara
  • A special PZITB award (2012) for prof. Tadeusz Tatara
  • "Ernest" statuette for prof. Krzysztof Stypuła awarded in recognition of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Communication of the Republic of Poland
  • The Builder Award for prof. Krzysztof Stypuła for research activity in the field of designing objects with regard to the effects of vibrations.


  • Others, including:


  • Establishment of the first Spin Off company at the Cracow University of Technology: FlexAndRobust Systems Ltd., 24 Warszawska str., 31-155 Kraków (president of the company's management: Arkadiusz Kwiecień, Ph.D., Eng.)