The offer of cooperation between the Department of Transport Systems and the economic units, profile of the works and services performed:

The Department of Transport Systems has a very wide offer of cooperation as part of research and implementation activities. We have completed several dozen research, planning and design works in the field of broadly understood planning of communication systems.

Our team consists of extraordinary people who, in their own scientific research, take up current research topics. Afterwards, this topics form the basis for implementation activities. This approach ensures that our studies are always "up to date". Our team is a perfect combination of experience and youth.

Our offer includes the preparation of studies such as:

  • transport policies for cities and regions, and sustainable urban mobility plans, including urban logistics systems,
  • studies of the conditions and directions of spatial development in the field of transport issues,
  • local spatial development plans (MPZP) in the field of transport issues,
  • independent studies in communication for planning purposes for cities and regions,
  • comprehensive measurements and assessment of public transport functioning quality,
  • comprehensive traffic research (KBR) in the scale of individual cities and regions,
  • road traffic forecasting in the scale of cities and regions,
  • analysis of the economic and functional effectiveness of transport solutions,
  • opinions and expertises concerning the performed works in the field of transport and logistics systems,
  • mobility plans for institutions or office centres and industrial zones,
  • optimization of existing and development of new algorithms for the needs of internal logistics chains at enterprises,
  • design, analysis and behaviour of logistics systems in changing external conditions,
  • goods distribution systems at enterprises and in urban areas,
  • integration of links in the supply chains of goods in scale of the enterprise.

In our research work, we use the latest versions of VISUM, VISSIM, AIMSUN, Statgraphics, Mathematica, AutoCAD and others.

Our department can cooperate with:

  • with universities in the study and implementation of new solutions in the field of transport and logistics,
  • with local government units of various levels in carrying out analysis and developing programs to improve transport service in a selected area,
  • with local managers and design offices in carrying out empirical research, expert opinions and designing new or modernizing existing transport and logistics systems and solutions,
  • with companies in the field of optimization of transport and logistics systems.