The Chair of Roads, Railways and Traffic Engineering may cooperate with:

  • central institutions in the development of guidelines, calculation methods, instructions and design and operational recommendations in the field of road and rail infrastructure;
  • universities in research and implementation of new designs,
  • local administration in carrying out analyzes and developing programs to improve the efficiency of the road and rail networks;
  • local managers and project offices in carrying out empirical research, experts’ opinions and designing new or modernized elements of road and rail infrastructure, as well as in the field of traffic management.

The offer also includes training of administration employees and engineering staff in the form of courses or postgraduate studies.

The profile of the offered works and services covers the research and development activities of the Chair of Roads, Railways and Traffic Engineering, in particular:

  • general and detailed road safety analyzes,
  • empirical studies of road traffic characteristics,
  • development of traffic models with their application to assess the traffic efficiency, costs and safety,
  • scientific expertise on the functioning of road designs along with concepts for their improvement,
  • conceptual design of roads, intersections and interchanges along including traffic organization,
  • assessment of road and traffic impact on the environment, focusing on nuisance of road noise,
  • design of road pavement structures as well as design and optimization of asphalt mixes,
  • application of geosynthetics in road and rail track constructions,
  • feasibility studies for projects related to the construction and modernization of railways, including mountain and industrial railways,
  • track condition tests and diagnostics of all types of rail track structures,
  • development of technology for the construction and operation of railways,
  • consultations in designing the construction and modernization of railways, also taking into account economic problems,
  • training of engineering staff including: road and rail engineering, road and intersection design, implementation of new technologies in road pavement construction, traffic safety audit, road inspections.

Additionally, the Chair may offer tests and courses in its laboratories:

  • Traffic engineering laboratory equipped with apparatus for: traffic data collection with the use of automatic detection and using video technology; vehicle speed collection; computer analysis of traffic conflicts; noise data collection;
  • Research laboratory of road materials and pavements, equipped with apparatus for: testing stone materials, aggregates and binders; designing the composition of asphalt mixtures; design of soil stabilization, lean cement and ash concretes; testing the roughness of road surfaces and parameters of light reflection from the surface and road marking; thermo-mechanical tests of building materials and structures;
  • Railway traffic engineering laboratory equipped with the ISDR simulator enabling training in the field of train traffic management and maneuvering and the operation of selected types of station and line rail traffic control devices;
  • Computer laboratory enabling computer courses using software for:

- data processing and statistical and graphic analyzes,

- traffic engineering,

- geometric design of roads,

- design of pavement structures.