An old proverb popular in Poland says that Cracow was not built at once. The city, praised by historians, admired by visitors and loved by its inhabitants, has been erected for centuries by many builders and architects. But Cracow is also a city where builders and architects have been educated for a long time. Already in the 16th century, a mathematician, Stanisław Grzepski published the first Polish manual on surveying, and some time later, in 1627, another mathematician, Jan Brożek delivered the first lectures on engineering.

Today, the Civil Engineering Faculty of Cracow University of Technology, continues this long and beautiful tradition. This faculty is one of the cornerstones of our University, and has had a tradition of more than 75 years of activity. During these years, thousands of students have graduated from our University. Their achievements are highly praised in our country and abroad.

However, keeping in mind our beautiful traditions and cherishing our past achievements, we mainly think about the future. We are well aware of great challenges awaiting prospective young engineers, currently being educated at our Faculty. That is why we let them acquire the knowledge necessary to erect engineering structures meeting the standards of the 21st century - structures of modern engineering solutions, environmentally friendly, conducive to energy conservation, supported by recent advances in electronics and belonging to the class of Intelligent Engineering Structures. We educate specialists in modern road, rail, air and city transportation systems, as well as infrastructure and integrated transportation and logistical systems. Those specialists are qualified in transportation management and control, including the application of modern methods, devices and information technologies. Since recently we offer full time education in the domain of Spatial Planning. New graduates acquire the capabilities to shape and develop the spatial and functional structures of cities.

Due to extended scientific background and extensive research, our Faculty is a highly valued partner in cooperation with many commercial enterprises. We offer professional advice, are capable of conducting specialist examinations in accredited laboratories and putting innovative technologies into practice. A long and continually lengthening list of cooperating institutions shows that our offer receives wide recognition.

You are heartily welcome to cooperate with Civil Engineering Faculty of Cracow University of Technology. Young people are encouraged to enroll as students. Graduation from our Faculty opens very interesting professional opportunities.

Lucyna Domagała
Dean of the Faculty