1. 16-02-2018 is the last day to pass the courses assigned to fall (winter) semester.

2. Registration of students for the spring (summer) semester of the academic year 2017/2018 is electronic only.

3. Students with credit debt do not submit any application to register with credit debt.

4. According to the § 21 pkt. 2 of Study Regulations at the CUT, registration with credit debt is possible only in the case, when the credit debt from the preceding semester does not exceed 12 ECTS points, and the total credit debt does not exceed 18 ECTS points.

5. Students registered for the spring (summer) semester of 2017/2018 with credit debt may make up the missing credits from the preceding semester until 16-03-2018.

6. Students, who passed courses in advance, shall deliver the advance cards to the Deans’ Office no later than on 16-03-2018.

7. The Student ID cards will be prolonged for the academic year 2017/2018 beginning on 1-03-2018 only via the group heads.

8. The Deans’ Office reminds you, that according to the Study Regulations at the CUT it is the duty of the student to keep himself/herself up to date with the information sent directly to his/her individual account in the Electronic Student Support System at the CUT ( e-HMS), and especially check the Student Progress Card, and in the case of failed courses check the number of hours which have to be repeated.