From the Dean Drukuj Email

Our Faculty gained over 70 years of experience in teaching and training at the university level. We offer degree programs in Civil Engineering (in both polish and english language), Transportation Engineering and Spatial management (the last one jointly with other faculties). Our Faculty is ranked among the top civil engineering faculties in Poland. Our programs (Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering) have been approved by the State Commission for Accreditation.

We offer several specializations providing all students with opportunities to study topics of their interest in greater depth. Our students get an excellent engineering training in classes taught by renowned academic staff and benefit from many modern laboratories.

Selected students may complete a part of their studies at foreign universities supported by the Erasmus + exchange program. At present our Faculty cooperates bilaterally with more than 50 universities all over Europe. Our graduates are competitive, have good employment opportunities and are qualified to apply for the European Engineer title.

Andrzej Szarata
Dean of the Faculty

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